irensei Traditional game of Japan [go , gobang]
Irensei is similar to connect five, but Irensei can be removed enclosed stones like go.

 About Irensei
Irensei was born in 1987 while Toki Higashi(Chairman) and Masaki Ida(Sub-chairman) were playing.
Mr.Higashi was going to play go but Mr.ida was going to play connect five.
Mr.Higashi removed go stone by the rules of go, and Mr.Ida let out a gasp of astonishment.
Irensei was born at that time.

The number of player is going on increasing year by year, and it plays widely in not only Japan but also Asian nations, the United States, and Europe, etc.
Irensei is recognized as a traditional game of Japan in a part of country as well as the game of go and Japanese chess.

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